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Welcome to Hackipedia!
We are dedicated to creating a community where bugs and bug bounties can be discussed via examples provided from publicly disclosed reports, with an emphasis on explaining the process of how they were found and how you can find them in the future.

Want to contribute?
Contact me via email at hogarth45@gmail.com to have an account created for you!

Benefit from an article?
Did you get a bounty by learning something from an article here? Let me know and we can note add to the article.

Bug Categories
Authentication Best Practice Cross Site Request Forgery Cross Site Scripting Denial Of Service
Encryption File Inclusion Mobile Open Redirect Remote Code Execution
Server Side Request Forgery

Open Bug Bounty

Lite: 3CtorRNuJ89Tm16L7e5QvRLk4yTYcngXTa
Doge: 9zqbR6bHZFvoR4dZGKYjWdcgXxGExnzQ57